Royalty Free Grape Vine Plant Leaves Image Botanical Artwork Illustration

grape vine plant images botanical artwork leaves
vintage grape vine leaves image

This is a wonderful vintage plant illustration of grape vine and leaves image. This plant clip art is pretty and would make a nice border design element. I can image this grape vine image on handmade jar labels for wine or jam and jellies. There are no grapes on this vine, but it's still a lovely stock plant image for lots of projects.

grape vine plant image .png

Vintage Christmas Santa Wearing Green Coat Image Printable Decoration

santa christmas images green coat vintage digital clipart
vintage Santa wearning green coat image

Today I've posted a real digital treat for you! This is a vintage Santa wearing a green coat image. Santa's holding a big bag full of colorful, fun toys. This digital santa clip art is perfect for lots of Christmas crafting projects, including handmade greeting cards, gift tags, Christmas tree ornaments, and even adorable paper decorations! I love vintage Santa images showing him wearing the original green coat.

Santa wearing green coat image .png

Christmas Angels Carrying Tree Gifts Images Vintage Printable Decoration

christmas angel tree vintage image printable decoration
Christmas Angel carrying tree
christmas angel tree gifts image vintage printable decoration
Christmas angel carrying tree and gifts image

These are lovely vintage Christmas images of angels carrying small, snow-covered trees. The second digital Christmas angel image shows the angel also carrying gifts and goodies. The angels are standing in snow, which makes them perfect Christmas images for printing and decorating for the holidays. Created from vintage, Norwegian paper scraps, these Christmas angel clip arts will add pretty, vintage charm to your holiday decorating and handmade gifts and cards.

vintage Christmas angel images .png

Pretty Girl Vintage Spring Fashion Images Flowers Printable Paper Dolls

girl vintage fashion image flowers printable paper doll
vintage girl spring fashion image

girl vintage fashion image spring flowers illustration
vintage girl spring fashion image

Today I've posted two absolutely charming vintage girl images of pretty girls wearing colorful dresses and holding gorgeous flowers, such as roses, hyacinths, and Forget-Me-Nots. The young girls are also wearing lovely hats and charming Mary Jane shoes. The second digital girl clip art shows the young girl holding an umbrella. She's ready for spring showers! Both of these printable girl images could be used as decorative elements for handmade girl birthday card greetings.

vintage girl images .png

Antique Bird Prints Nests Old Artwork Illustration Natural History

bird print antique image artwork illustration natural history
antique bird print image

bird antique print image animal artwork digital download
antique bird print image

Today I've posted two beautiful antique bird prints from a Victorian natural history book. In each of these digital bird artwork images the birds are shown in pairs with nests and eggs. The old bird illustrations are colorful and detailed and would be lovely either printed and framed or incorporated into a creative crafting project. The aged, worn look of the bird artwork also gives the bird images lots of antique charm.

Antique Stock Book Paper Background Images Crafting Scrapbooking

book cover antique image background crafting download
antique book cover image

digital background paper textured image download clipart
textured paper digital background image

Today I've posted two digital background images created from antique books. The first digital background is of an antique book cover. The bold artwork of botanical elements, such as the grapes and grape leaves, is stunning and makes for a wonderful, attractive design. The second digital background is a textured paper colored red.

Yellow Butterfly Images Free Insect Clip Art Victorian Artwork

butterfly insect image free graphics clipart
yellow butterfly image

butterfly insect images graphics free clipart
Common Yellow or Old World Swallowtail Butterfly image

These are two, stunning and beautiful shabby butterfly images of yellow butterflies. Each butterfly has red dots and markings, which make them even more stunning. These digital insect image are perfect for lots of crafting projects. The second digital butterfly clip art is of the Common Yellow or Old World Swallowtail Butterfly. It looks similar to a Monarch Butterfly.

yellow butterfly images .png

Commercial Use Terrier Dog Animal Label Image Download Smooth Fox

dog terrier animal image label clipart download
terrier dog label image

This is a stunning dog label image of a Victorian paper scrap designed with a portrait of the terrier, Smooth Fox Terrier. The bent, flopped ears and bright eyes are perfectly illustrated in this dog clip art. Under the terrier dog image is a blank banner label ready for personalization. Perfect for a cute dog project this digital dog clip art will stand out and add lots of cuteness to any animal project.

terrier dog label image download .png

Red Butterfly Free Images Insect Illustration Vintage Printables

butterfly insect image digital clipart vintage illustration
red butterfly image

butterfly insect image digital clipart illustration
red butterfly image

These two pretty and shabby red butterfly images are lovely and will add lots of vintage charm to any project. The first digital butterfly clip art is of a red butterfly with large, dark and colorful dots on each wing. The second digital butterfly clip art is of a red butterfly that has red bands across all four wings along with darker patterns. Shabby butterfly images are wonderful for vintage-inspired crafting projects.

red butterfly image downloads .png

Old Black Cat Valentine Images Love Note Hearts Printable Greeting

vintage black cat valentine image printable clipart
vintage black cat Valentine image

vintage black cat valentine image digital download
vintage black cat Valentine image

These vintage black cat Valentines are incredibly adorable! Both of these happy-looking black cats holds a romantic symbot of Valentine's Day. The first black cat image shows a cute kitty wearing a big, blue bow and holding a love note in its paw. The second black cat clip art shows a cute kitty wearing a green bow and holding bright red hearts. Black cats are really indicative of Valentine's Day, but these two lovely cats are sending out loving greetings that will add charm and a unique sweetness to any of your Valentine's Day crafting projects.

black cat Valentine image downloads .png


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